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1998 ASIA Rocsta Pictures For Sale

Asia Rocsta is Four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle from Asia Motors Corporation in Korea.

The Rocsta is derived from the Korean army's 4WD vehicle. Because this model was cheaper than other competitive 4WD vehicles, it contributed to the increase in popularity of offroad racing in Korea.


1998 ASIA Rocsta Pictures

1998 ASIA Rocsta

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Rocsta Troubleshooting
1996, Wanting a full canvas convertable roof instead
of 2 parts that leak at times...

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Full Picture Size: 800x600

1998 Rocsta

Full Picture Size: 800x600

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Asia Motors launched the Rocsta in 1990, and retired it in 1997. From 1998, the Rocsta's replacement, the Asia Retona, was sold under the Kia badge.

UK sales of the Rocsta ran from 1994-1997, which included both 1.8 litre petrol and 2.2 litre diesel models. Both could be purchased with either a hard or soft-top. Both models were distributed by Kia Motors and used Kia copies of standard Mazda engines, with five-speed manual transmission.

  • Retona 2.0 (136hp)
  • Retona 2.0 (87hp)
  • Retona 2.0 4WD (136hp)
  • Retona 2.0 4WD (87hp)
  • Retona 2.0 TD
  • Retona 2.0i Wagon
  • Rocsta 1.8 DX Hard Top
  • Rocsta 1.8 DX Soft Top
  • Rocsta 2.2
  • Rocsta 2.2 4WD
  • Rocsta 2.2 D Soft Top
  • Rocsta 2.2 Diesel DX H/Top
  • Rocsta 2.2 Diesel DX S/Top
  • Rocsta 2.2 Diesel Soft Top
  • Rocsta R2 Wagon

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