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Chrysler LE Baron Pictures - Car Pictures Gallery

The Chrysler LeBaron was introduced in 1977 as Chrysler's lowest priced model, and the name was used on various Chryslers until 1995. The name originates from a 1930s coachworks bought out by Chrysler. Two years after the Corporation introduced the Imperial as a separate luxury division, LeBaron was designated the top of the line Imperial models in 1957 through 1975. Resurrected to add cachet to the Chrysler Division's new mid-sized entry two years later, the "LeBaron" name has since been applied to a total of 5 different cars built by the Chrysler Division:

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1994 chrysler le baron
1989 chrysler le baron
1988 chrysler le baron

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  • The 1977-1981 M-body Mid-size LeBaron sedan, coupé, and wagon
  • The 1982-1988 K-body Compact LeBaron sedan, coupé, convertible, and wagon
  • The 1985-1989 H-body Mid-size LeBaron GTS hatchback
  • The 1987-1995 J-body Personal luxury LeBaron coupé and convertible
  • The 1990-1994 AA-body Mid-size LeBaron sedan

Although the LeBaron name had been used before on Imperials, this was the first time the name was used on its own. This first Chrysler LeBaron was a rear-wheel drive M-body, a rebadged Dodge Diplomat with deluxe trim and equipment sold from 1977 to 1981. The LeBaron model name was moved to a new front-wheel drive car for the 1982 model year, when the Chrysler-branded rear-drive M-body was renamed New Yorker Fifth Avenue for the 1983 model year.

LeBarons were available in coupes, sedans and station wagons. A Police version was available in 1981 only. The wagons arrived in 1978. All wagons had the Town & Country wood panelling until a plain base wagon was added in 1980-81. See Town & Country section for more info.

For 1982, the LeBaron moved to the front-wheel drive Chrysler K platform, where it became an upscale version of the Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant. It was available in sedan, coupe versions. In 1983, it was released in a convertible version, bringing to the market the first open-topped domestic vehicle since the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. A station wagon version called the Town and Country was added as well. A special Town and Country convertible was also made from 1983 to 1986 limited quantities (1,105 total), which, like the wagon, featured simulated wood paneling that made it resemble the original 1940s Town and Country.

Despite being mechanically identical to the Aries and Reliant, its fascias looked much more like those of the larger E-body sedans. This generation featured Chrysler's Electronic Voice Alert, a computerized voice which admonished drivers with phrases. A larger LeBaron sedan would arrive for 1990.

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