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1989 Daihatsu Rugger Photos

The Daihatsu Rugger was an off-road vehicle built by Daihatsu between 1984 and 2002. The Rugger was called the Daihatsu Rocky in most export markets, and Daihatsu Fourtrak in the UK.

The first generation was sold from 1984 to 1993, replacing the Daihatsu Taft. It was available in short wheel base form with a convertible soft top or removable hard top and in extended wheel base form with metal top. The extended variant, called Rugger Wagon, could carry up to eight people in the back. Three engines were available, a petrol 2.0L with one overhead cam, a single carburettor and 88PS (65kW); and two 2.8 Diesel variants, normally aspirated with 73PS (54kW), or turbocharged with 88PS (65kW), both featuring overhead valve. Part-time 4WD was standard on all models. An upscale version was sold in the Japanese market as the Toyota Blizzard.


1989 Daihatsu Rugger Photos

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1989 Daihatsu Rugger Photos

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Parts Enquiry
1990, Need Shock Absorbers and Gear box mountings
for the following; M/V :

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The second generation was introduced in 1993 and available for export the following year. Among the evolutions was the replacement of the early leaf spring axles by independent suspension on four wheels. The petrol engine was enlarged to 2.2L, with a small power hike to 91PS (67kW), while the 2.8 Turbo Diesel was fitted with an intercooler, resulting in a power increase to 102PS (75kW). Still, the model was considered too rustic, still not possessing rear doors in the long wheel base model, and Daihatsu declined to replace it, concentrating on smaller automobiles.

Called the Bertone Freeclimber with mechanical components by Daihatsu, a BMW 2443 cc turbodiesel or one of two petrol engines (1991 cc. and 2693 cc), all six cylinders, and a Bertone designed body. The Freeclimber is a high end off-roader produced, from 1989 to 1992.

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