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1993 Dodge Caravan Photos, 3.3, Gasoline, FF, Automatic For Sale

Chrysler introduced the Dodge Caravan minivan along with its rebadged variant, the Plymouth Voyager in November 1983, for the 1984 model year — followed by the Dodge Grand Caravan and Plymouth Grand Voyager long-wheelbase (LWB) models in 1987, the rebadged Chrysler Town and Country in 1990, and the Volkswagen Routan in 2008.

The Caravan is powered by the following engines; a 2.4-liter, 150 hp four cylinder, 3.0-liter, 150 hp V6, 3.3-liter, 158 hp V6, or a 3.8-liter, 180 hp V8. Choose between a 3 or 4-speed automatic. Seating is available for up to 7 passengers.


1993 Dodge Caravan Photos

1993 Dodge Caravan

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Caravan Troubleshooting
Problem with my mini van
1988, The warmer it is out side the more my dodge
caravan se acts up I can drive for about 45 mins or
Daño en sistema electrico
1993, sistema eléctrico, caja de cambio no se
pone en parking, regulación de los freno no ...
1988, in 2005 I had to have a rebuilt engine put in
my 1995 odge caravan, because the heads were cracked...

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1993 Caravan

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Displacement, cc:3300
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$5500

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Chrysler manufactures and markets its minivan series worldwide. Together with its nameplate variants, the Chrysler Town and Country, Chrysler Voyager, Plymouth Voyager and Chrysler Town & Country, the Chrysler minivans have ranked as the 13th bestselling automotive nameplate worldwide, with over 12 million sold.

Chrysler introduced the Dodge and Plymouth minivans in November 1983 for the 1984 model year, using an extended derivative of the Chrysler K platform, the Chrysler S platform. Chrysler followed with a long wheelbase (LWB) model, the Grand Caravan in 1987, also based on the Chrysler S platform.

The idea of a modern minivan had been conceived by Lee Iaccoca and Hal Sperlich during their earlier tenure at Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford II had rejected Iaccoca's and Sperlich's idea (and a prototype) of a minivan in 1974, then rumored to carry the name "Maxivan". After Iaccoca moved to Chrysler Corporation, he recruited Sperlich to also join Chrysler and together they created the T115 minivan — a prototype that was to become the Caravan and Voyager.

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Photos 1993 Dodge Caravan - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 1993 Dodge Caravan For Sale, 3.3, Gasoline, FF, Automatic.