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The Ford Scorpio was an executive car produced by the Ford Motor Company at its factory in Cologne, Germany between 1985 and 1998. Known within Ford by its codename DE-1, it replaced the Ford Granada. Although the car was still badged Granada in the United Kingdom, the Scorpio badge only was used on the top-of-the range versions (hence the Granada Scorpio) until 1994, when it was replaced by a revised car which was known universally as the Scorpio. It was awarded the accolade of European Car of the Year for 1986.

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Engineering-wise, the Scorpio was heavily based on the Sierra, sitting on a stretched version of its floorpan, and using a similar styling philosophy set by both the Sierra and the third generation Escort. Under the bonnet were well-proven engines, starting with the venerable Pinto engine unit in 1.8L and 2.0L capacities, as well as the V6 Cologne engine in 2.4L, 2.8L, and later 2.9L displacements. By 1989, both the Pinto engines had been dropped, with an 8-valve DOHC engine replacing the 2.0L model.

The Scorpio was intended to maintain Ford's position in Europe as the principal alternative to a Mercedes or BMW for those looking to own an executive car. To this end Ford built on the already extensive specification available on the outgoing MkII Granada (which for the period, was available with some very special equipment such as leather heated electrically adjustable seats, air conditioning, electric sunroof, trip computer etc) by adding some very fresh technology for the mass market. Improvements available included; heated windscreen, Cruise Control and all wheel drive which all made their first appearance on a European Ford. The car was very comfortable (slightly let down by seats without good back support) and had excellent rear legroom, but surprisingly little lateral headroom. The biggest advance of the Scorpio was that it was the first mass-market European car to have anti-lock braking system standard across the whole range.

Unlike the Granada, it was initially only available as a hatchback, and not as a saloon or estate. This proved to be a mistake for Ford, which later introduced a saloon version in 1990, and the estate appeared two years later. There were few engineering changes over the years, notably the introduction of the DOHC engines in 1989, and the Scorpio Cosworth with a 2.9L 24-valve Cosworth V6 the following year. The Cosworth Engine has become a choice upgrade for many Ford Sierra owners with many Granadas being broken up to provide these power plants, it's a cheap and easy way to obtain 200+ BHP. Some Of these engines have also been turbocharged and versions of the engine ( FBE ) were also used in motorsport.

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