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GAZ-53 is a 3.5 ton 4x2 truck from GAZ, introduced first as GAZ-53F in 1961. Powered by old 75hp (56kW) 6-cylinder engine from the GAZ-51 it was joined in 1962 by the virtually identical 2.5 ton GAZ-52, produced until 1997. In 1964 there appeared main variant (with no suffix letter), manufactured until 1993. It featured a brand-new 4254 cc light-alloy V8 ZMZ-53 engine producing 115hp (86kW) giving a top speed of 80km/h (50mph). Payload was increased to 4 tons in later model, called GAZ-53A. All variants use four speed gearbox, synchronised on third and fourth. Giving the long production run variants of GAZ-52/53 family are commonly spotted in eastern Europe, although they shouldn't be mistaken for broadly similar 5-6 ton ZIL-130, usually also painted light blue with white front. GAZ grille is fluted vertically and the direction indicators are located above the headlamps. ZIL has flashers below the headlamps and its grille is horizontally slated.

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1992 gaz 53
1986 gaz 53

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1992 - 1986
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