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1987 Jaguar Sovereign Pictures, 3600cc., Gasoline, FR or RR, Automatic For Sale

The Daimler Sovereign was a luxury automobile built by British manufacturer Jaguar in Coventry. The first Sovereign was introduced in 1966, being the second Jaguar bodyshell to be offered in a Daimler version following the 2½ litre V8. Unlike the 2½ litre the Sovereign had a Jaguar engine, marking the end for the Edward Turner-designed V8 engines that Jaguar inherited when it took over the Daimler company in 1960.


1987 Jaguar Sovereign Pictures

1987 Jaguar Sovereign

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Sovereign Troubleshooting
Front lamp - right side
1987, The right side front light on my car is
broken. Can You help me? It is a Jaguar Sovereign
1987 m...
Loss of power and car backfires
1996, When car is cold runs great but as soon as it
reaches normal working temp it starts to loose power...
Problems starting, intermittant
1989, despite battery fully charged, car just goes
dead and will not start, intermittant problem,

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Displacement, cc:3600
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FR or RR
Approximate cost (price):$8300

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The first Sovereign was a badge-engineered version of the Jaguar 420 saloon, which was itself based on the Jaguar S-Type. The 420 and Sovereign differed from the S-Type in having a revised four-headlight nose reminiscent of the Jaguar Mark X and a 4.2 litre version of the straight-six XK engine. The main external difference between the 420 and Sovereign was the traditional Daimler fluted radiator grille. There were thoughts of fitting the Sovereign with the Daimler 4½ litre V8 engine as used in the Majestic Major but as this significantly outperformed the Jaguar XK unit and would have led to the Sovereign outgunning the Jaguar 420 the Jaguar hierarchy did not pursue the idea; the Jaguar badge was meant to be more sporty than the Daimler one.

The front-end styling of the Daimler DS420 limousine introduced in 1968 shared a family resemblance with a Daimler grille mated to a four headlight nose.

The 420/Sovereign range began to be replaced by the Jaguar XJ6 in September 1968. The Jaguar ceased production in December 1968, the Daimler remaining in production until July 1969.

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Pictures 1987 Jaguar Sovereign - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 1987 Jaguar Sovereign For Sale, 3600cc., Gasoline, FR or RR, Automatic.