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The Kia Morning, known as the Kia Picanto in export markets (except in Chile, where it is badged with its original name and Taiwan where it is known as the Kia EuroStar), and the Naza Suria in Malaysia, is a low cost city car produced in South Korea by Kia Motors (internal model index SA).

The Morning/Picanto is based on a shortened platform of the Hyundai Getz. It is available with either 1.0 or 1.1L petrol engines. A 3-cylinder diesel engine (based on the Kia Cerato's 1.5 CRD four-cylinder unit), with direct injection and a variable geometry turbocharger, has been available in the European market since Spring 2004, with power reaching 75PS (55kW). The Morning is 3,495mm (137.6in) long with a five-door hatchback body. Automatic gearboxes are optional in the petrol units.

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To increase its appeal in the European market, the Morning/Picanto is equipped with such features as a MP3 enabled CD Player, air conditioning, front and rear electric windows, remote central locking, and electric mirrors.

A locally assembled version of the Kia Picanto is sold in Malaysia under the Naza badge, as the Naza Suria.

The Picanto model in Europe was altered slightly in late 2007. Among the minor changes were the light clusters (front and rear), and for the UK market, the indicator stalk was switched to the other side.


In its EuroNCAP crash tests, the Picanto earned three out of five stars for its adult occupant safety rating and four out of five for children occupant safety.

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