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The Lincoln was Lincoln division's entry car in 1960. It was a one year replacement for the previous years Capri, which was discontinued for 1960. It was on the Lincoln unit body platform shared by the Premiere and Continental, with its massive 131in (3,327mm) wheelbase. Standard motor, like in all 1960 Lincoln's, was the 430 2bbl making 310hp (230kW). The 2 Barrel Carburetor was used to try to boost fuel mileage, which in the 59's with the 4 Bbl carburetor, was around 8 mpg. The switch to the 2 Bbl only boosted mileage to 10mpg-US (24L/100km; 12mpg-imp).

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As far as a competitor, the Lincoln competed with the Cadillac 62 and the Chrysler New Yorker.

In 1961, all Lincolns were Continentals, and wheelbase was scaled back 8in (203mm) to 123in (3,124mm).

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