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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (三菱自動車工業株式会社, Mitsubishi Jidōsha Kōgyō Kabushiki Kaisha?) is the fifth largest automaker in Japan and the fifteenth largest in the world by global unit sales. It is part of the Mitsubishi keiretsu, formerly the biggest industrial group in Japan, and was formed in 1970 from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Throughout its history it has courted alliances with foreign partners, a strategy pioneered by their first president Tomio Kubo to encourage expansion, and continued by his successors. A significant stake was sold to Chrysler Corporation in 1971 which it held for 22 years, while DaimlerChrysler was a controlling shareholder between 2000 and 2005. Long term joint manufacturing and technology licencing deals with the Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea and Proton in Malaysia were also forged, while in Europe the company co-owned the largest automobile manufacturing plant in the Netherlands with Volvo for ten years in the 1990s, before taking sole ownership in 2001.

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Mitsubishi models

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1985 mitsubishi 3000gt3000GT

2000 mitsubishi airtrekAIRTREK

1989 mitsubishi aspireASPIRE

2010 mitsubishi asxASX

1996 mitsubishi bravoBRAVO

1986 mitsubishi canterCANTER

1995 mitsubishi carismaCARISMA

2002 mitsubishi centuryCENTURY

1991 mitsubishi challengerCHALLENGER

1989 mitsubishi chariotCHARIOT

1988 mitsubishi chariot grandisCHARIOT GRANDIS

1984 mitsubishi coltCOLT

1998 mitsubishi colt plusCOLT PLUS

1995 mitsubishi colt wagonCOLT WAGON

1991 mitsubishi debonairDEBONAIR

1966 mitsubishi delicaDELICA

1995 mitsubishi delica cargoDELICA CARGO

2009 mitsubishi delica d 5DELICA D 5

1991 mitsubishi delica vanDELICA VAN

1990 mitsubishi diamanteDIAMANTE

1996 mitsubishi diamante wagonDIAMANTE WAGON

1988 mitsubishi dingoDINGO

1997 mitsubishi dionDION

1989 mitsubishi eclipseECLIPSE

1993 mitsubishi eclipse spyderECLIPSE SPYDER

2004 mitsubishi ek-activeEK-ACTIVE

1999 mitsubishi ek-sportEK-SPORT

2001 mitsubishi ek-wagonEK-WAGON

1992 mitsubishi emeraudeEMERAUDE

2003 mitsubishi endeavorENDEAVOR

1988 mitsubishi eternaETERNA

1990 mitsubishi eterna savaETERNA SAVA

1993 mitsubishi evolution xEVOLUTION X

2004 mitsubishi freecaFREECA

1991 mitsubishi ftoFTO

1981 mitsubishi fusoFUSO

1834 mitsubishi galantGALANT

2009 mitsubishi galant fortisGALANT FORTIS

1990 mitsubishi galant hatchbackGALANT HATCHBACK

1997 mitsubishi galant sigmaGALANT SIGMA

1992 mitsubishi galant sportsGALANT SPORTS

1997 mitsubishi galant wagonGALANT WAGON

1998 mitsubishi grandisGRANDIS

1982 mitsubishi gtoGTO

2006 mitsubishi iI

1975 mitsubishi jeepJEEP

1989 mitsubishi l200L200

1982 mitsubishi l300L300

1997 mitsubishi l400L400

1980 mitsubishi lancerLANCER

1995 mitsubishi lancer cediaLANCER CEDIA

2000 mitsubishi lancer cedia wagonLANCER CEDIA WAGON

1998 mitsubishi lancer combiLANCER COMBI

1991 mitsubishi lancer evolutionLANCER EVOLUTION

2001 mitsubishi lancer evolution wagonLANCER EVOLUTION WAGON

2004 mitsubishi lancer sportbackLANCER SPORTBACK

1987 mitsubishi lancer wagonLANCER WAGON

2008 mitsubishi lancer xLANCER X

1969 mitsubishi legnumLEGNUM

1992 mitsubishi liberoLIBERO

1997 mitsubishi mighty maxMIGHTY MAX

1991 mitsubishi minicaMINICA

1993 mitsubishi minica toppoMINICA TOPPO

1990 mitsubishi minicabMINICAB

1984 mitsubishi mirageMIRAGE

1993 mitsubishi mirage astiMIRAGE ASTI

1990 mitsubishi mirage wagonMIRAGE WAGON

1986 mitsubishi monteroMONTERO

1996 mitsubishi montero sportMONTERO SPORT

1995 mitsubishi nimbusNIMBUS

2001 mitsubishi outlanderOUTLANDER

1978 mitsubishi pajeroPAJERO

12 mitsubishi pajero ioPAJERO IO

1992 mitsubishi pajero juniorPAJERO JUNIOR

1977 mitsubishi pajero miniPAJERO MINI

1997 mitsubishi pajero pininPAJERO PININ

1991 mitsubishi pajero sportPAJERO SPORT

1999 mitsubishi pistachioPISTACHIO

1952 mitsubishi rvrRVR

1991 mitsubishi sigmaSIGMA

1992 mitsubishi space gearSPACE GEAR

1991 mitsubishi space runnerSPACE RUNNER

1994 mitsubishi space starSPACE STAR

1986 mitsubishi space wagonSPACE WAGON

1986 mitsubishi starionSTARION

1990 mitsubishi stradaSTRADA

1991 mitsubishi toppoTOPPO

1997 mitsubishi toppo bjTOPPO BJ

1999 mitsubishi toppo bj wideTOPPO BJ WIDE

1999 mitsubishi town boxTOWN BOX

1999 mitsubishi town box wideTOWN BOX WIDE

1994 mitsubishi tritonTRITON

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Thanks to these alliances it benefitted strongly in the 1970s and '80s, increasing its annual production from 250,000 to over 1.5million units. But its strong presence in south-east Asia meant it suffered more than most of its competitors in the aftermath of the 1997 East Asian financial crisis, and since then the company has struggled to consistently increase sales and maintain profitability.

Mitsubishi's automotive origins date back as far as 1917, when the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. introduced the Model A, Japan's first series-production automobile. An entirely hand-built seven-seater sedan based on the Fiat Tipo 3, it proved expensive compared to its American and European mass-produced rivals, and was discontinued in 1921 after only 22 had been built.

In 1934, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding was merged with the Mitsubishi Aircraft Co., a company established in 1920 to manufacture aircraft engines. The unified company was known as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), and was the largest private company in Japan. MHI concentrated on manufacturing aircraft, ships, railroad cars and machinery, but in 1937 developed the PX33, a prototype sedan for military use. It was the first Japanese-built passenger car with full-time four-wheel drive, a technology the company would return to almost fifty years later in its quest for motorsport and sales success.

Immediately following the end of the Second World War, the company returned to manufacturing vehicles. Fuso bus production resumed, while a small three-wheeled cargo vehicle called the Mizushima and a scooter called the Silver Pigeon were also developed. However, the zaibatsu (Japan's family-controlled industrial conglomerates) were ordered to be dismantled by the Allied powers in 1950, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was split into three regional companies, each with an involvement in motor vehicle development: West Japan Heavy-Industries, Central Japan Heavy-Industries, and East Japan Heavy-Industries.

East Japan Heavy-Industries began importing the Henry J, an inexpensive American sedan built by Kaiser Motors, in knockdown kit (CKD) form in 1951, and continued to bring them to Japan for the remainder of the car's three year production run. The same year, Central Japan Heavy-Industries concluded a similar contract with Willys (now owned by Kaiser) for CKD-assembled Jeep CJ-3Bs. This deal proved more durable, with licensed Mitsubishi Jeeps in production until 1998, thirty years after Willys themselves had replaced the model.

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