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Mitsuoka Motors (光岡自動車, Mitsuoka Motors?) is a small Japanese automobile company which builds modern Japanese cars to resemble British vehicles of the 1950s and 1960s. It is primarily a coachbuilder, taking production cars like the Nissan Micra and replacing the bodywork with its own custom designs. It has also produced a concept sports car, the Orochi. Mitsuoka Motors is also the principal distributor of retro-classic TD2000 roadster in Japan.

  • Galue
  • Galue 204
  • Himiko.
  • Le-Seyde
  • Orochi
  • Nouera
  • Ryoga
  • Ray
  • Viewt
  • Zero 1

Used Mitsuoka

Mitsuoka ViewtMitsuoka Galue-iiMitsuoka NoueraMitsuoka ViewtMitsuoka ViewtMitsuoka Classic Type-fMitsuoka Le-seyde

Mitsuoka models

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1987 mitsuoka classic type-fCLASSIC TYPE-F

1998 mitsuoka galue-iGALUE-I

2000 mitsuoka galue-iiGALUE-II

1950 mitsuoka galue204GALUE204

1988 mitsuoka le-seydeLE-SEYDE

2005 mitsuoka micro carMICRO CAR

2004 mitsuoka noueraNOUERA

1999 mitsuoka ryogaRYOGA

1995 mitsuoka viewtVIEWT

2009 mitsuoka yugaYUGA

2008 mitsuoka zero 1ZERO 1

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