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The Nissan Civilian (kana:日産・シビリアン) is a minibus built by Nissan & UD. It is primarily available as city bus and tourist bus.

In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, Isuzu Journey and Toyota Coaster.

General information

Nissan Civilian is sold under the Civilian and W41 or W 41 names. It is sold in Japan as Civilian, and several countries in Central & South America. The normal seating capacity is 26 passengers, 2 other passengers seated in individual seats located one behind the rear window and one between the axle and the door, and a driver's seat in front of the windscreen. The Civilian has a unique design in that its steering wheel/driver's seat was located in front of the bus, outside the cabin, operated in a standing position in earlier models. Its main competitors are the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa and the Toyota Coaster, Isuzu Journey, and, in some countries Civilian/ W41 minibuses are found only in small quantities, compared to the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa and the Toyota Coaster, Isuzu Journey.

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2002 nissan civilian
2001 nissan civilian
1991 nissan civilian
1990 nissan civilian
1989 nissan civilian
1988 nissan civilian

Year of Nissan Civilian




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  • TB45E: 4.5L Gasoline
  • TD42: 4.2L Diesel
  • RD28T: 2.8L Diesel Turbo
  • ED33: 3.3 Diesel
  • ED33T 3.3 Diesel Turbo


  • SWB
  • Overall length: 6270mm
  • WB: 3310mm
  • Overall width: 2065mm (TD42 engine) / 2255mm (TB45E engine)
  • Seating: 26 passengers
  • LWB
  • Overall length: 6990mm
  • WB: 3690mm
  • Overall width: 2065mm (TD42 engine) / 2255mm (TB45E engine)
  • Seating: 30 passengers

Equipment levels


Includes reclining high-back seats, automatic sliding door, cloth carpet, tinted windows, self-leveling suspension and other options.


Includes an automatic folding door, non-tinted windows with curtains and non-reclinable, low-back seats, and other options.


Includes an automatic folding door, reclinable, high-back seats, better audio equipment, rear windshield wipers and other options.


Includes an automatic reclinable high-back driver's seat, supreme audio equipment, TV, rear windshield wipers, toilet and other amenities.


Includes an automatic height-adjustable driver's seat, cruise control, BOSE audio equipment, Rear Projection TV, passenger air-bags, toilet, refrigerator, reclinable passenger seats with retractable table, self-levelling suspension.

Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Bloodmobile
  • School Bus
  • Presidential transportation
  • Grand saloon bus
  • Ambulance
  • Motorhome
  • Library Car
  • Execution Van (Prisoner transporter)
  • Wheelchair Van

Ousted Panama dictator Manuel Noriega, in his reign, had at least one Nissan Civilian as his personal transport. It was a luxury, fully furnished version with amenities such as TV, restroom and kitchenette. This Civilian is now said to be owned by a Panamanian national who obtained it a very bad condition and restored it.

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