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SEAT Ronda Pictures - Car Pictures Gallery

The SEAT Ronda is a small family car produced by Spanish automaker SEAT from 1982 to 1986. The car is a version of a Fiat Ritmo redesigned just enough so that Fiat could not sue SEAT on the basis of patent infringement after 1980 when Fiat abandoned their cooperation with SEAT.[citation needed] Thus, although its appearance was a bit different, mechanically it did not differ much from its Italian cousin.

The most visible external design differences between a Ritmo and a Ronda are rectangular headlights on the Ronda in place of the round ones featured on the Ritmo, different tail lights and panels, and changed door handles. Mechanically, there were also some differences. The engines were:

SEAT Ronda pictures

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1987 seat ronda

Year of SEAT Ronda



  • 1.2 1193 cc 63bhp (47kW) 88N·m (65lb·ft)
  • 1.5 1461 cc 86bhp (64kW) 116N·m (86lb·ft)
  • 2.0 1995 cc 120bhp (89kW)


  • 1.7 D 1714 cc 56bhp (42kW) 98N·m (72lb·ft)

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