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Subaru Sambar DIAS Pictures - Car Pictures Gallery

The Subaru Sambar is an automobile built by automaker Subaru for the Japanese market. It is the first Keitora available in Japan. Available in microvan and Kei truck(Pickup truck style) to fulfill the Kei car guidelines. Still flourishing in the Japanese automotive industry, the Sambar continues to be produced in Japan, China, Korea, as well as in Finland with a joint venture with Elcat Automotive. It also know as Subaru Domingo outside Japan.

The current 2008 Subaru Sambar model is still using the Sixth Generation chasis and body with some facelite. It was the only keitora in Japan that still using the design of front wheel located below the front seat. For the 4WD version it sold as Subaru Dias Wagon.

Subaru Sambar DIAS pictures

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1990 subaru sambar dias

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