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Suzuki Motor Corporation (スズキ株式会社, Suzuki Kabushiki-gaisha?) is a multinational corporation headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan that specializes in manufacturing compact automobiles, a full range of motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and a variety of other small internal combustion engines. Suzuki is the 12th largest automobile manufacturer in the world by production volume, employs over 45,000 people, has 35 main production facilities in 23 countries and 133 distributors in 192 countries.

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Suzuki ALTOSuzuki JimnySuzuki JimnySuzuki BalenoSuzuki ALTOSuzuki Jimny SierraSuzuki Jimny

Suzuki models

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2008 suzuki 2 cycle birdie2 CYCLE BIRDIE

2002 suzuki 4 cycle birdie 504 CYCLE BIRDIE 50

2004 suzuki addressADDRESS

2000 suzuki address 110 wild shield spec.ADDRESS 110 WILD SHIELD SPEC.

1999 suzuki address v100ADDRESS V100

2007 suzuki address v50ADDRESS V50

2002 suzuki address v 100ADDRESS V 100

1999 suzuki aerio sedanAERIO SEDAN

2001 suzuki aerio sxAERIO SX

2001 suzuki aerio wagonAERIO WAGON

1999 suzuki altoALTO

2005 suzuki alto hustleALTO HUSTLE

2004 suzuki alto lapinALTO LAPIN

2002 suzuki avenis 150AVENIS 150

1996 suzuki balenoBALENO

2001 suzuki banditBANDIT

1999 suzuki bandit 250vBANDIT 250V

1992 suzuki cappuccinoCAPPUCCINO

2002 suzuki carry truckCARRY TRUCK

2011 suzuki celerioCELERIO

2007 suzuki cervoCERVO

2001 suzuki chevrolet cruzeCHEVROLET CRUZE

1989 suzuki cultusCULTUS

1995 suzuki cultus crescentCULTUS CRESCENT

1996 suzuki cultus crescent wagonCULTUS CRESCENT WAGON

1999 suzuki cultus sedanCULTUS SEDAN

1998 suzuki cultus wagonCULTUS WAGON

1999 suzuki desperadoDESPERADO

2000 suzuki djebelDJEBEL

2000 suzuki djebel 200DJEBEL 200

2000 suzuki dr-2DR-2

1999 suzuki dr250rDR250R

1988 suzuki escudoESCUDO

1999 suzuki esteemESTEEM

1999 suzuki everyEVERY

1993 suzuki every landyEVERY LANDY

1999 suzuki every plusEVERY PLUS

2002 suzuki every wagonEVERY WAGON

2004 suzuki forenzaFORENZA

2008 suzuki gooseGOOSE

1999 suzuki grand escudoGRAND ESCUDO

1999 suzuki grand vitaraGRAND VITARA

2000 suzuki grand vitara xl-7GRAND VITARA XL-7

2006 suzuki gsGS

1999 suzuki gsfGSF

2001 suzuki gsf1200sGSF1200S

2006 suzuki gsf750GSF750

2000 suzuki gsx-rGSX-R

2000 suzuki gsx-r750GSX-R750

2000 suzuki gsx1300r hayabusaGSX1300R HAYABUSA

2001 suzuki gsx1400GSX1400

1999 suzuki gsx katanaGSX KATANA

2000 suzuki ignisIGNIS

2004 suzuki ignis sportIGNIS SPORT

2001 suzuki inazuma 1200INAZUMA 1200

1999 suzuki intruderINTRUDER

2002 suzuki intruder 800INTRUDER 800

1988 suzuki jimnyJIMNY

1993 suzuki jimny sierraJIMNY SIERRA

1997 suzuki jimny wideJIMNY WIDE

1999 suzuki keiKEI

2000 suzuki kei sportKEI SPORT

2010 suzuki kizashiKIZASHI

2000 suzuki letsLETS

1999 suzuki lets iiLETS II

2001 suzuki lianaLIANA

2002 suzuki mr wagonMR WAGON

2006 suzuki rmRM

1990 suzuki samuraiSAMURAI

2001 suzuki sepia zzSEPIA ZZ

1999 suzuki skywaveSKYWAVE

2000 suzuki solioSOLIO

2008 suzuki splashSPLASH

2000 suzuki svSV

1999 suzuki sv400sSV400S

2001 suzuki sv650SV650

2001 suzuki sv650sSV650S

1991 suzuki swiftSWIFT

2006 suzuki sx4 sedanSX4 SEDAN

2004 suzuki sx4 suvSX4 SUV

2000 suzuki tlTL

1999 suzuki tl1000sTL1000S

2004 suzuki twinTWIN

2000 suzuki vecstar 125VECSTAR 125

1999 suzuki verdeVERDE

2003 suzuki veronaVERONA

1989 suzuki vitaraVITARA

1997 suzuki wagon rWAGON R

1998 suzuki wagon r plusWAGON R PLUS

2002 suzuki wagon r rrWAGON R RR

1999 suzuki wagon r solioWAGON R SOLIO

1997 suzuki wagon r wideWAGON R WIDE

1992 suzuki x-90X-90

2001 suzuki xl7XL7

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"Suzuki" is pronounced in Japanese as "soo-zoo-kee" /suzuki/, with emphasis on a high "kee". It is almost always pronounced in English as "suh-ZOO-kee" /səˈzuːki/, with a stressed "zoo". This pronunciation is used by the English-speaking public and by the Suzuki company in marketing campaigns directed towards this demographic.

In 1909, Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Company in the small seacoast village of Hamamatsu, Japan. Business boomed as Suzuki built weaving looms for Japan's giant silk industry. In 1929, Michio Suzuki invented a new type of weaving machine, which was exported overseas. Suzuki filed as many as 120 patents and utility model rights. The company's first 30 years focused on the development and production of these exceptionally complex machines.

Despite the success of his looms, Suzuki realized his company had to diversify and he began to look at other products. Based on consumer demand, he decided that building a small car would be the most practical new venture. The project began in 1937, and within two years Suzuki had completed several compact prototype cars. These first Suzuki motor vehicles were powered by a then-innovative, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder engine. It featured a cast aluminum crankcase and gearbox and generated 13horsepower (9.7kW) from a displacement of less than 800cc.

With the onset of World War II, production plans for Suzuki's new vehicles were halted when the government declared civilian passenger cars a "non-essential commodity." At the conclusion of the war, Suzuki went back to producing looms. Loom production was given a boost when the U.S. government approved the shipping of cotton to Japan. Suzuki's fortunes brightened as orders began to increase from domestic textile manufacturers. But the joy was short-lived as the cotton market collapsed in 1951.

Faced with this colossal challenge, Suzuki's thoughts went back to motor vehicles. After the war, the Japanese had a great need for affordable, reliable personal transportation. A number of firms began offering "clip-on" gas-powered engines that could be attached to the typical bicycle. Suzuki's first two-wheel ingenuity came in the form of a motorized bicycle called, the "Power Free." Designed to be inexpensive and simple to build and maintain, the 1952 Power Free featured a 36 cc two-stroke engine. An unprecedented feature was the double-sprocket gear system, enabling the rider to either pedal with the engine assisting, pedal without engine assist, or simply disconnect the pedals and run on engine power alone. The system was so ingenious that the patent office of the new democratic government granted Suzuki a financial subsidy to continue research in motorcycle engineering, and so was born Suzuki Motor Corporation.

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