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2004 Toyota Brevis Pictures, 2.5l., Gasoline, FR or RR, Automatic For Sale

The Toyota Brevis is a mid-sized luxury sedan introduced in May 2001 and sold only in Japan. The Brevis has some styling cues from the Lexus LS 430. The Brevis had been discontinued in 2007. Sales started in June, 2001. The cars finishing gives composure and a feeling of luxury although performance wise it is similar to the Progres and both having similar medium size bodies.

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2004 Toyota Brevis Pictures

Preview 2004 Toyota BrevisPreview BrevisPreview 2004 BrevisPreview Toyota BrevisPreview Toyota Brevis

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2004 Toyota Brevis Pictures

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Brevis Troubleshooting
It goes off sometimes unexepectedly
2001, Anytime this car can stop without knowing!
Once it goes off the car can be started with certain
Engine Vibration
2001, The car is vibrate now but 1 month ago i
changed coils and plus they were broken, and two
weeks ag...
Speed meter not working abs vcs and tract light is e...
2001, when i drive mya toyota brevis speed meter is
not working, remote lock/unlock door key also not wo...

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Displacement, cc:2500
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FR or RR
Approximate cost (price):$16500

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Toyota Brevis is the twins sister of Progres, which is the forerunner to Altezza, hence making the Brevis an enlarged Lexus IS. Unlike Progres, the new Brevis aims at younger customers and compete directly with imports like BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-class. Basically, the chassis and powertrains are identical to Progres. What makes it more appealing is a (relatively) handsome exterior styling and a beautifully trimmed interior. The headlamps consists of three round type reams. The feeling of luxury and elegant space is reflected by using the glass green lighting for the speedometer and the clock. The stylish center console houses a LCD monitor and an alloy-effect sound system which consists of a on-dash CD changer, DVD and MD playback, with 7 speakers on the top model.

Brevis rides on the same rear-drive platform as Lexus IS, with wheelbase extended to 2,780mm (109.4in) to better all its European rivals. In terms of size and weight, it stand between a BMW 3-series and 5-series, so cabin space is plenty. However, dynamically speaking it can hardly match the European rivals (that role is left for Lexus to fulfill), although rides on double-wishbones suspensions. Suspension is set softer than the Lexus, steering is less direct, and its 1,550kg (3,417lb) kerb weight also hurt handling agility.

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Used 2004 Toyota Brevis For Sale, 2.5l., Gasoline, FR or RR, Automatic.