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1987 Toyota Ipsum Photos - Car Pictures Gallery

The Toyota Ipsum, Picnic, SportsVan or Avensis Verso (Avensis in Australia) is a seven-seater Compact MPV produced by Japanese automaker Toyota. It has a four-cylinder in-line twin-cam 16-valve 2.0 or 2.4-litre gasoline engine or a 2.0-litre 116hp (87kW) D4-D turbodiesel engine, with a four-speed automatic transmission. There are two generations of this model, with the second generation first released in 2001.The car lasted from 1997 till now.The first generation was from 1997 to 2001[4 years].The second generation was from 2001 till now[8 years].It was also called the Toyota Sports Van,Avensis Verso and even the Avensis#REDIRECT Toyota Avensis


1987 Toyota Ipsum Photos

Preview 1987 Toyota IpsumPreview IpsumPreview 1987 Ipsum

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1987 Toyota Ipsum Photos

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Ipsum Troubleshooting
Alarm system
1996, So today I opened the car with the remote, I
went inside to clean it and the system locked, I
Not starting yet sparks from ignition ciol can be se...
1998, It cuts out during drive and never come back
to life again. It cranks and shows sparks from
Ipsum s3
1998, Loosing power Producing a horse
sound Temperature Guage not functioning 2 of
radio speake...

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