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1990 VAZ 2107 Pictures, 0.0l., Gasoline, FR or RR, Manual For Sale

The Lada Riva is a medium-sized family car from Russian manufacturer AvtoVAZ, introduced in 1980 and sold under the Lada brand in saloon and estate car forms. It was marketed as the Lada Nova in some (but not all) European countries, and as the Lada 1500 and Lada Signet in Canada. In Brazil it was sold as the Lada Laika.


1990 VAZ 2107 Pictures

1990 VAZ 2107

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Full Picture Size: 2560x1920


Full Picture Size: 2560x1920

1990 2107

Full Picture Size: 2560x1920

Displacement, cc:1
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FR or RR
Approximate cost (price):$250

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Although introduced in 1980, the Riva's origins are older: it is a restyled version of the Fiat 124-based Lada Type VAZ-2101 / "Zhiguli" saloon, which was introduced in 1970. The Riva itself is officially designated as VAZ-2105 (base saloon), VAZ-2104 (estate), and VAZ-2107 for the deluxe saloon with a large chrome grille, sometimes known (in Eastern Bloc countries) as the ВАЗ-2105 (VAZ-2105), ВАЗ-2107 (VAZ-2107), 'Pyatyorka' ('The Five') or Semyorka ('The Seven'). In Russia, VAZ-2105, VAZ-2104 and VAZ-2107 are considered to be different cars rather than variants. Nonetheless all of them are unofficially included in a single 'Klassika' ('Classic') family along with older models such as the VAZ-2101 'Kopeika'.

Mechanically, the car is virtually identical to the first generation VAZ-2101 model, featuring the Fiat-derived engines and transmissions, coil spring suspension all round and aluminium drum brakes on the rear wheels. The major mechanical changes came in the 1990s when single point fuel injection and catalytic converters were specified in an attempt to keep up with emissions legislation.

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Used 1990 VAZ 2107 For Sale, 0.0l., Gasoline, FR or RR, Manual.