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The History Of Honda Stepwgn

Honda Stepwgn

Honda Stepwgn

Honda Stepwgn

Honda Stepwgn

The Honda Step wgn is a mid-sized MPV produced by Honda since 1996. It is designed with a higher cabin, contrast to the Odyssey and later also the Stream in the product line. In addition, it can accommodate 8 people, instead of 7 in Odessey and Stream. In standard form the car has one door on the driver's side but two doors on the pavement / sidewalk side.

Direct translation from Japanese Wikipedia

1995 The Honda Step WGN appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show as the "F-MX". 1996 May 8 The Honda Step WGN emerged as one type of vehicle. At that time, Japan's commercial delivery vehicles based on the engine under the driver's seat, or cabover type were the Step WGN is based on the Civic FF layout of the floor and low - , A tool to find square style, low-price strategy such as the popular model in one sitting. Cars, splitting the extreme limit of its潔かった Step Van which is derived from that time, Japan, the "minivan" terms are still not in place "Commercial vehicles" reminiscent of "On the van | Meeting]]" to stop "Step Wagon". The English name "STEP WGN", a grade name "W", "G", "N" and "pleasure". Family assumes that the child has to rush out to prevent road-side, passenger side sliding door is only with the establishment. To improve profitability, cost reduction measures is to ensure that the [Ministry of Transport] (the current Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) to get the model to reduce the cost of the engines and transmissions to one type at a time Aperture, and vehicle design, the Civic divert from the leg, [[finite element method] analysis (FEM) by reducing the use of steel, panels and parts of the division's efforts to reduce press die, than to推し進めた. Moreover, the stiffness to ensure the right to設けずsliding doors, glass front door outside the window is fixed, welding mark the blindfold and the rear corner of the seal for Skipping work without a thick coating of resin Mall And a large [[taillights | RIAKONBIRANPU] in the corner of a body cover, for last year. As a byproduct, 〜 vehicle weight is 1530 kg and 1410, finished a lightweight. However,行過ぎたdesign the evils in the beginning, and low body stiffness, and arising out of [[steering] column and the brake] master cylinder (bulkhead) lack of rigidity of mounting a remote Friction cable size and lack of rigidity, mass itself due to lack of knobs, AT [[gearshift | SEREKUTAREBA] operations (a sense of discipline), and pointed to the poor. These are the configuration is close to CR-V is also true of the two cars are selling very well because a significant design changes are allowed, in part to improvement in the Appointed. Also, sales in the driver's seat airbag and ABS even treatment options, including the apparent strategy to rein in prices採ら. Therefore, the relationship between weight and type, options and dealer of the air-conditioner "N" The price of 1.848 million yen, very cheap, and the dealers get customers to contribute. Actual sales in (the dealer to reduce air-conditioning installation in) "N"は無くrecommend it, "draw" and "N" sales ratio is very low at around 5 percent. Sheet placed in the luggage compartment of emphasizing the "N" is a non-row seat for three basic, second column, 1:2 split of the rotating seats and sit face, collapsible three seats together, to expand cargo room, "Sheets Opens "Two types of選べた. "N" is a two-column sheet, "pop-sheet" and that only. All grades FF and the four-wheel-drive | 4 WD]] set up in the seat arrangement and combination-drive system, "W" and "G" in four models, "N" for two models, especially Grade with a simple expansion. Engine, CR-V's built-in the B20B- 2000cc DOHC only, torque for the slow response is pro-Step WGN In tune with the output to 125 PS is kept. 4WD mechanism is usually when the FF, in a circle and front-wheel rear-wheel drive power comes through the [four-wheel-drive formula standby # | standby ceremony], transfer the driving force "dual-pump "Is being used. Dual-pump "Viscous coupling" and linked to sudden compared to driving on snow is the one who dislike the direction. 1996 November On the platform (the car) | platform] to share with a total length reduced tall wagon, S-MX appeared. 1997 Aug. 25 Driver's seat and passenger seat SRS [[airbag] All of the taxis to and ABS as standard. Simultaneously, vehicle care, "Armas (ALMAS)" to launch. 1997 Dec. 15 G collard based on the type of bumpers, key remote control, privacy glass and equipped with "HOWAITI". The body color is white taffeta only settings. 1998 Aug. 27 G-only seats based on skin type, such as collard bumper-equipped "DERAKUSHI". 1999 May 20 On the face-lift (the car) # minor facelift (minor changes) | minor change] and the type of late. New Aero Parts SUPOTIGUREDO equipped with a "speedy", a special early-type car, "DERAKUSHI" to promote a catalog model. The appearance of the headlight design (of light above and below the 4 & MARUCHIRIFUREKUTA) and the rear [[license plate] mounting position of the tailgate garnish in the center will move to the bottom (However, in light No. 20 One to change). The operation system is, AT OD selector switch is to change the tuning knob and BARANSUUEITO mass was held operation, the operation of both improved slightly as well. 2000 March 23 2000 [[automobile exhaust gas regulations | emissions regulations] as well as to adapt the engine to increase output to 135 PS. Also, based on DERAKUSHI SURAIDODOAIJIKUROZA, sheet-only areas, [[wheel], only the headlights, CD / MD [[car audio | Audio], equipped with "Ultra". 2000 April 6 "Speedy" part of the equipment based on a simplified "Krafty". 2000 Nov. 30 G-based type of privacy glass, and equipped with a remote control key and ODIORESU "Goodie". The "Goodie" is the first and last special car.

The second generation Honda Stepwgn was debuted in 2001. However, its design was very much alike to the 1st generation, despite a choice of 2.4L petrol engine was added to the line.

Direct Translation from Japanese Wikipedia

April 5, 2001 Full model and a second generation. Family child-centered concept to keep the ball in anticipation of the appearance and characteristics of many models先代left. The minivan class, sliding doors on both sides to adopt the Step WGN is still sliding doors on one side. There are children to prevent accidents and lower costs for the benefit of two, has been struggling in sales to be strong. This is an OTOSURAIDODOA was becoming a standard set for the first time. The position of three rows of seats in the back on the table can be used as a second column "Butterfly sheet" and two full-flattened third column, "Yu (sit face mode)," "food (restaurant) mode" and "sleep (3 FURUFURATTOMODO column), "" product (KAGOMODO) "four modes are available. The fuel filler neck, left to the right to change. K20 engine-2000cc DOHC i-VTEC (160PS), and running to improve performance and fuel economy. Parts of the increased stiffness, Yasushi Misao performance improvement. Sales are expected to be smooth sailing, but the booming minivan market late, other companies will launch a series of conflicts with a new car and the number of vehicles伸び悩んだ. Honda's "success of the second generation can not sell a car" is addicted to the jinx. June 5, 2003 梃入れsales for the minor before and after the design is significantly changed in recent years seen a Honda car, "eagle eye" is adopted. Power sliding door window was finally adopted by the window. The second column driver side rear wall of the air conditioner is attached to the cooler. PAWATERUGETO adopted. Wagon Accord, Odyssey spacecraft in the K24-2400cc DOHC i-VTEC (162PS) with the grades or, for young people, "Spada" series (wide fender attached to the overall width of more than 1.7 m, No. 3 Registration) has been added.

The 3rd generation Honda Stepwgn is an entire makeover of the series. Thanks to the new low-platform chassis, though the size of the car was shrunk, interior accommodation space remains unchanged. This improves handling of the vehicle. For mechanical changes, the 2.0L model received a 4 speed automatic transmission while the 2.4L model received a CVT transmission.

In the 2.4L model, you can choose either the regular floor, or the special wooden floor, which is only available in the Japanese market.

The 3rd generation is popular among Asian sales points like Japan and Hong Kong.


In 2008, there was a minor change to the stepwgn, featuring new front grill, front bumper, rear lights and rims. Also, parking camera is included in all models.

Direct Translation from Japanese Wikipedia

May 26, 2005 Announced third generation. Until one side sliding doors, a large box to the concept of revolution, sliding doors on both sides and the adoption of the first to press ahead with downsizing. Odyssey third generation of low-floor, as well as to police, the interior space while keeping a low height from先代subdued. Overall length also been cut, almost the same time face-lift in the same class of the Nissan Serena is to increase the size of the body as opposed to a face-lift. Platform has so far only from the Civic-based design and the low floor to achieve the thin plastic fuel tanks and silenced recruiting, until the second generation of axle rear suspension, double wishbone type formula (FF), or Dion-style (4WD). The engine is equipped with a standard car K20A-2000cc (155PS), "24Z" the K24A-2400cc (162PS) and the same type of先代and, for emphasis on fuel economy, 2000 cc output was down 5 PS, The car has a 2400cc FF CVT is adopted. Competition and rivalry, so far only the passenger side sliding doors on both sides was adopted.先代unpopular in the second column was the creation of a solid sheet of material and the low-floor due to not only improve driving performance, minivans also sought to improve comfort. The options in the forests of tele-lamp, a rare bright car woodgrain "wood floor," and the purpose of translucent glass to let in light of "skylight roof" is set. The often-wide minivan amenities available to the upper surface of the dashboard, METANASERU extended to the interior width, DEJITARUWAIDOMETA while the large triangular window is set to reduce the blind spot. The third column storage at the flip-up sheet is heavy, incorporating mechanism assists in the same class of third-party minivan and a comparison with its weaknesses. In May 2006 Total domestic sales of 100,000 units achieved. May 18, 2006 To implement a minor change. "G L Package" and "G LS package" is the PAWASURAIDODOA (rear on both sides) are standard in all, "G", "G S package", "24 Z", the PAWASURAIDODOA (rear Left) as standard equipment manufacturers and SUMATOKISHISUTEMU option. Exterior of the Pearl AKUTIKKUBURU was abolished. October 4, 2006 There is a special type of vehicle G "Style Edition" has been added. February 15, 2007 To implement a minor change. All of the taxis to SHITOSENTAAMURESUTO second column as standard equipment. This minor facelift of the red and Milan, the metallic DEZATOMISUTO EKUSUTERIAKARA is now, and SHIKKUGURE, pop-orange color of the interior is lost. There are, PAWATERUGETO and chip-up sheet and slide (with rotating sit face) settings are lost. And the new "G edition of Aero", "G HDD NABIEAROEDISHON", "G HDD NABISUTAIRUEDISHON" has been added to this special car, "Style Edition", although minor, Lineup filled. June 7, 2007 There is a special type of vehicle G "HDD NABISUTAIRUSEREKUTO" and "HDD NABIEAROSEREKUTO" has been added. MUNRAIZU metallic colors are loud. November 1, 2007 BIGGUMAINACHENJI the front and front bumper design changes mask the second set, "Spada" to revive the captain appeared specification sheets. The先代"Spada" is No. 3, while the body of the third generation in the body and No. 5. Basque Red Pearl, PORISSHUDOMETARU metallic, metallic ARABASUTASHIRUBA, Premium White Pearl (wagon, Spada common color) PUREMIAMUBURAKISSHU Pearl (Spada only color) NAITOHOKUBURAKKU Pearl, Pearl RUMINASUBURU (Step WGN Only color) colors. August 6, 2008 Honda's minivan as the first Total domestic sales of one million units to achieve . August 21, 2008 Memorial million units achieved as a special car, "SUMATOSUTAIRUEDEISHON", "SUPADASUMATOSUTAIRUEDEISHON", "HDD NABISUMATOSUTAIRUEDEISHON", "HDD NABISUPADASUMATOSUTAIRUEDEISHON" has been released.

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