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auto light on off troubleshooting 2011

Date:February 5, 2013, 12:02 am
Name:Charlott Kittler
Location:Namibia, Walvis Bay
Vehicle:Great WALL Great WALL
General comments:The service of your agents here in Walvis Bay, is very poor! I had many complaints, since I have bought this vehicle and I'm not impressed at all.
Problems:Good day,
I bought a Hover H5 in 2011. When the lights are set on auto and I switch the engine off and take out the keys, the light switches on for a few seconds, but only during day time. It does not switch on during night time, when it is most needed.
The technicians here in Walvis Bay told me, that nothing can be done, which I think is rediculous. It did work before, so if I have a problem now, I expect them to find out how to solve it.
Kind regards
Charlott Kittler
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