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missing part hot post on battery what hooks to it other than starter 1984

Date:January 4, 2012, 6:17 am
Name:earl t henderson
Location:United States, Kentucky, olive hill
Vehicle:JEEP Cherokee
Problems:my jeep list on tital as amc cherokee sw iam restoreing has a 2.8 chevy engine battery cable from + pos runs down to starter .there is a termial stud on pass side next to battery with what looks like block fuses,or relay and two or three other wires on it with flat washer and nut.don't know if pos.or neg.cable hooks to this stud. can't find picture of under hood to show me. if anyone can help this is all i like if not thanks for looking any JEEP!!! earl
Previous car:1982 vw jetti diesel 5 sp

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