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Nissan AD VAN
2008 nissan ad van

Suspect Brake System Erro 2008

Date:July 31, 2017, 1:16 am
Name:Se Thu Hein
Location:Myanmar, Mandalay, Mandalay
Vehicle:Nissan AD VAN
General comments:Please help me that this kind of case is because of usual AD Van brake system or my car's brake system is faulty?
Problems:Today I had encountered very serious and dangerous brake system error.
How it was happened? When I drove the car on the mountain road when I descending with the speed of average 80-100 Km ,there is so many turning points and I used brake very frequent. At one point I press the brake pedal but my leg feel unusual deep press till the car stop and near miss colliding to next car. I also shocked and the moments on wards I have to do deep press on the brake pedal to stop the car.(Usually my AD van Brake system is quite good ,just press on it only to stop.)
After a few km drove of my AD van brake system back to the normal and become normal.

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