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Nissan Sunny
2012 nissan sunny

2012 Nissan Sunny - Solving Car Problems / Ac problem

Date:September 23, 2018, 11:12 pm
Name:Manikanta reddy
Location:India, Andhra pradesh, Tadipatri
Vehicle:Nissan Sunny
Problems:In my Nissan Sunny-2012 (XL) diesel version car has an ac problem since 1 month.Actually when i start the engine and then when i start ac first it comes a hot air which is really embrassing myself and slowly it comes to little cool.But when the car moving sudden i feel like ac not working and at the next min little cooling will feel.In these cases i went to garrage and asked the worker.He said that the ac gas was getting finish and should fill gas.The air filter also changed.I accept his words.Afterwords it has better result than before but i did not feel chill ac inside of my car.Please tell the solution.
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Nissan Sunny - Solving Car Problems