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OPEL Astra
1998 opel astra1998 opel astra1998 opel astra1998 opel astra1998 opel astra

My Opel will start fine, moment IT HEATS UP, IT CUTS OUT- 1998

Date:November 7, 2018, 9:56 am
Name:Lester Veldsman
Location:South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
Vehicle:OPEL Astra
General comments:I cannot go on spending money from one motor technician to another exercising either their opinion on the root cause of the problem , or seemingly blaming & addressing faults suspected in the work of their peers, then STILL NO Difference is experienced in the car -
Respectfully to those in the trade, and applying what they know (especially having encountered more than one technician), all I AM SEEING IS THE SAME or similar TECHNIQUES BEING APPLIED IN an attempt at resolving THE PROBLEM-BUT IT'S OLD EXPERIENCE WORKING ON THIS SPECIFIC MODEL AND BRAND Which may be required, whilst my car has been off the road since December 2017 -miracle required PLEASE HELP and advise
Problems:My car is presently with it's third mechanic, trying to resolve this very irritating problem of it starting ok, even overnight from a cold-start -BUT when it gets driven, IT CUTS OUT ONCE IT HEATS UP with regular use, & after waiting on it to cool down, IT WILL then restart - but SOON THEREAFTER the same problem recurs. Various opinions from faulty lifters to valve and rings have been blamed - A MAJOR OVERHAUL was performed with every conceivable part and engine component replaced, from the fuel-pump & filter, to the pistons, valve, cams, crank-sensor etc etc etc - STILL NO JOY -Please help IF you may have experienced same problems & fixed them PLEASE
Previous car:VW Golf
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OPEL Astra - Solving Car Problems