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OPEL Insignia
2009 opel insignia2009 opel insignia2009 opel insignia

opel insignia AFL 2009

Date:June 18, 2018, 8:28 pm
Name:tomas bugansky
Location:czech rep, nymburk
Vehicle:OPEL Insignia
Problems:Problem with lights.
Insignia 2009. 2.0 cdti,
SW lights updated by version 2017

occassionly in daylight front and rear outline beam remains on (no keys in starter).
after the engines started and turned on and off the lights turn off too - OK

occassionly in night time the high beams shloud go on BUT: the blue control indicates -OK while
the lights do not change in facts and orange control on says: 'service AFL lamp'

nothing never found out when connected to diagnostic system (3 times no trouble found)
the cables were checked for NOK contacts

Any hints please??

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OPEL Insignia - Solving Car Problems