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Chery Chery Reviews

DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Oct 18, 2016Driver door and driver side back door does not open when locked2010 Chery CheryMark Ugolini Cape Town
Jul 12, 2014CHERY - So far So good2014 Chery CheryWally - Centurion
Apr 29, 2013Problem Chery Transcom2012 Chery CheryEzanee Bin Mohd Tawil/Bukit Fraser
Mar 16, 2013starting problems2010 Chery Chery; chery qq3wannie
Nov 22, 2012Orang ramai dan pengguna jangan tertipu...2010 Chery Chery; Chery Easter 2.0Redzuan

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