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2007 Chery QQ Review / for chery

Date:May 12, 2012, 1:53 am
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Chery QQ
2007 chery qq2007 chery qq
Name, Location:khin maung win singapore
Vehicle:Chery QQ
General comments:RED EXCLAMATION MARK INSIDE A CIRCLE BLINKING IN THE DASHBOARD. THIS LIGHTS STARTS AFTER 30 SECONDS WHEN I START MY CAR. ALREADY CHECKED THE TRANSMISSION & BRAKE FLUIDS. i am working in singapore as a automotive engineer in vertex automobile (chery car dealer ) \r\ni think may be u r problem is auto matic manual tranmission( AMT) gear actuator pump some time not working pls u try to knock slightly then u can hear the pump working sound ( that is near the radiator fan mount on the gear box ) after that u try to test drive if good its ok , no good u have to reset gear AMT sytem with diagnosis scantool.
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