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civic dx hatchback 1990

Date:August 25, 2005, 7:07 am
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Honda Civic
1990 honda civic1990 honda civic
Name, Location:Gabe, L.A.
Vehicle:Honda Civic
Modification:civic dx
General comments:Great car, good milage, does not break down much, great value. most cars need more work then this..
What things have gone wrong with the car:at 91k mi, timeing belt changed.
at 100k mi, dist cap, dist rotor, dist coic, and dist coic mocler changed. (dont know if i read it right)
at 128k mi, changed radiator and thermostat gasket.
at 132k mi, axel shaft rebuilt.
at 136k mi, changed coil for ignition, and oil pan plug.
at 149k mi, catalytic converter, muffler changed.
at 152k mi, changed alternator and batery.
at 178k mi, catalytic converter changed.
about a year ago, got new paint, and a master cylinder.
at 183k mi, oil pan changed, heater motor changed.
just over 203k mi, the are is in the shop right now getting a new clutch, valve gasket, fuel filter, belts, timeing belt.
Previous car:none

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