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'96 Civic Hatch Exhaust Manifold 1996

Date:October 2, 2005, 3:25 am
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Honda Civic
1996 honda civic1996 honda civic
Name, Location:Debbie, Toronto
Vehicle:Honda Civic
Modification:Civic Hatch
General comments:Overall great little car, keep it maintined and it will serve you well!
What things have gone wrong with the car:I've had my '96 Civic since new and it now has 293,000 km's on it. It's a great car but there has been a problem with the exhaust manifold cracking. I've had 3 replaced so far, at 59,000 km's, 138,000 kms and at 272,000 kms. The first two, Honda Canada covered and the third time, they heckled me a bit but did cover the cost of the part. I paid $95 for the labor. I encourage anyone with a Civic in this year range to check your manifold, bets are that it's cracked. I would heckle Honda Canada cause thier supposed recall on the part back in Jan.'02 didn't do anything. They obviously didn't do anything to improve the part after the recall 'cause mine cracked again. Transport Canada would problably like to know about this as well cause once it's cracked it may cause fumes within the car. This is a known problem, a defective part, a design problem and Honda hasn't done anything about it to improve the part. It would get really expensive to replace this thing every two years out of pocket, especially since it is not a wear and tear part that needs replacing every two years!!

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