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2003 Honda Civic Review / 2003 Civic

Date:October 6, 2005, 7:25 am
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Honda Civic
2003 honda civic2003 honda civic
Name, Location:Brie-Crystal Lake, IL
Vehicle:Honda Civic
General comments:Need I say more??
What things have gone wrong with the car:I had my car in for service 7 times for a leaky trunk. I bought the car with 3 miles on it & in April of 05 I noticed that I had 2 inches of water in my trunk along with MOLD!!! It was by the spare tire & I never had a flat so I never checked it. You dont expect to have mold in your trunk of your new car. I took it into the dealership, past my warranty & they tried to fx it 7 times. I finally traded that rust bucket in for an 05 Civic SE, Guess what leaks? Oh yeah my new car. Today will be the second time I pick up my car from the dealership. And guess what else.. They cannot find a leak!! The pictures attached are the ones from the 03 civic see the rust... Oh yeah by the way when Bob Rohrman bought my 03 civic they told me they were going to auction it off. Well they didnt i saw it on the lot last week when I brought my new car in the first time. Owned since Aug. 5, 2005.
Previous car:2003 CIVIC

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