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CVT Transmission 2000

Date:November 9, 2005, 1:25 am
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Honda Civic
2000 honda civic2000 honda civic
Name, Location:Mike in Cary, NC
Vehicle:Honda Civic
Modification:HX Automatic with CVT
General comments:Car handles well, and gets good gas milage. I've averaged 38.5 mpg over the last two years.
What things have gone wrong with the car:I have one big problem; my transmission is going bad at 87,000 miles. My HX has developed the 1,500 rpm rumble when accelerating from a stop. I took it to the local Honda dealer: $1,600 to repair or $2,400 to replace. I never expected this from a Honda! At 87,000 miles I should facing only a timing belt replacement, according to the owners manual, not a transmission replacement. I am just begining to look for information from other owners and Honda concerning this problem. Sure hope this goes well. I went to the same Honda dealship last night to discuss trading it in, and they only offered me $3,000 for my Civic HX! Why? They noticed the rumble during their test drive of the car, and said these transmission have a reputation for having this problem! I would be willing to trade for another Honda, with a conventional transmission, if they don't penalize me for a Honda CVT problem.
Previous car:Plymoth Mini-Van

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