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Civic EX 2dr 1.5L 1993

Date:December 12, 2005, 6:04 pm
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Honda Civic
1993 honda civic1993 honda civic
Name, Location:tom from Michigan
Vehicle:Honda Civic
Modification:EX 2dr 1.5L
General comments:bought this 2 years ago, and had the scheduled 80,000 mile checkup, had timing belt and water pump replaced. minus the problems, has caused me NO trouble 'cept the taillights now. feels underpowered, but you cant complain when every other company and their brother makes aftermarket parts to 'fix' that. its light enough to counter that lack of hp, so its ok.this car has been all over the country (im the third owner), has 150K miles on it and still runs like it was made yesterday. starts up every time even in cold michigan weather. i would like to drop a new tranny in b/c its currently a automatic, and a b16 if money allows. im ripping out the nasty brown interior and replacing/painting it to black

nothing compares to a honda, nothing. i drive my moms car sometimes, i HATE IT. its a '00 buick regal, and handles like the tacky overpowered GM trademark powersteering. have driven other cars GM, hated them all, and they fall apart after 130K mi
What things have gone wrong with the car:major repairs were wheel bearings and right front axle, but the boot ripped and dirt got in and tore up the, not a reliability issue. heat shield falls off, really easy to dent, have issue with taillights; taillights dont work, circuit keeps blowing when i put a new fuse in, i think its bad wiring in instrument cluster(on same circuit). thats the only major problem ive had
also window regulator gave out, stupid cupholders, no place to put wallet etc, and underpowered
Previous car:'86 chevy S10, the biggest piece on the planet, a truck with more rust than untouched paint, had it for 2 weeks before i gave up and junked it, '89 honda prelude, fun car no doubt, could turn on a dime and was fast, but was a fluke, had major pr

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