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1997 Honda Civic Review / civic lx

Date:February 10, 2006, 10:43 am
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Honda Civic
1997 honda civic1997 honda civic
Name, Location:dtk nd
Vehicle:Honda Civic
General comments:I got my car in January of '05 & now as of December of '05, easy driving, & of 14,xxx miles, we need to replace the transmission and engine! The car has 98,xxx miles on it. We've replaced cv boots, wiring for sunroof, blinkers, headlights, brake lights, ac, cc, srs, low fuel light, brakes, and suspension. The suspension is still horrible, the srs light's back on, the ac doesn't work, the cc works occassionaly, sunroof now works, headlights have been replaced a couple of times, as have the blinkers and brakelights. The brake pedal sometimes will not go down, which means I CANNOT STOP. The body creaks horribly bad & it's quite embarrassing. The accelerator seems jumpy at times, and the radio doesn't work at all times. The civic also really didn't like to start all of the time either. I had it actually quit on my while passing a car on the highway.
What things have gone wrong with the car:cv boots, sunroof, blinkers, headlights, brake lights, ac, cc, srs, low fuel light, radio, brakes, suspension, body creaks horribly bad, transmission, and engine
Previous car:1st car

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