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2002 Civic Reliability Review

Date:March 28, 2006, 4:07 pm
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Honda Civic
2002 honda civic2002 honda civic
Name, Location:Jimmy G
Vehicle:Honda Civic
Modification:Civic LX - Sport
General comments:This is my wife's third new Honda and definitely her last. We have given up on this car with only 75k on the clock. Just out of spite I am gonna nurse this box along for 6 more years so I can watch my daugter drive it into the ground as her first car/dune buggy....O yeah, this car was built on a Friday...I checked and 22 repair calls at the dealership does not make me friends with them....
What things have gone wrong with the car:Replaced the following in first 50k, or 30,000 miles
-Left pwr window motor twice, right ONLY once
-Entire suite of sensors and ECM for SRS
-Faulty dash assy, entire pad and guage cluster removed 3 times due to noise or faulty lighting
and still faulty
-Front seat belts replaced twice, rear ONLY once
-Junk Firestone tires lasted 36k - belt separation
-Left door lock assy - fell apart
-Plastic body moldings (sport pk)-due to cracks
-Front struts - twice, at 18k and 42k and also
front stabilize bushings and lower ball joints
-air conditioner compressor - thermal switch
-Gear selector light harness - still faulty
-Left drivers window seal - still noisey
Previous car:99 Civic LX

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