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93 Honda Civic DX review 1993

Date:March 24, 2008, 9:49 pm
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Honda Civic
1993 honda civic1993 honda civic
Name, Location:Tony Florida
Vehicle:Honda Civic
General comments:Pros:Easy to work on,Easy to get parts for,Very reliable,Seats are comfortable,Good amount of legroom,Great gas millage,Descent amount of trunk space,Back seat folds down to store more in trunk,many mods available for this car.

Cons:Grey stock interior,Can be cramped if your taller than 6ft,Chassis(frame) could easily bend in car accident,at stock 100hp(125hp with sohc vtec) the car has descent power but not alot,handling isn't very good.

I first got my car in 2006.So I've only had it 2 years and driven it around 6000 miles but I am a mechanic so I've personally worked on it,I know a great deal about it and I can honestly say mechanically the car is built very well.Since I've had the car theres always been a freon leak in the a.c. system that I couldn't find so the a.c. doesn't work.The window crank in one of the rear windows doesn't work because the pulley wires got kinked(not a big deal the crank just needs to be replaced).Ever since I've had the car the transmission has made this strange sound in the first 2 gears when I get over 4000 rpm.I could never figured out why it makes the noise and I've had other mechanics take a look at it and they couldn't figure it out either.It's kind of a clicking noise but not grinding,anyway if I don't go over 4000 rpm in the first 2 gears it doesn't make the noise so its not a big deal.When I first got the car It had a stock 16 valve sohc engine and it had rod knock(it got this from lack of oil due to an oil leak).The engine later blew.So I put in a D16b sohc vtec in it and ever since then its run like a champ.I did have to tighten up the timing belt once but other than that its run beautifully.Those are the problems I've had so far.F.Y.I. if you ever replace the engine in your civic I strongly suggest you get a vtec engine,they are built very well and will last you a long time if you take car of it.All in all my 93 Honda Civic DX has surpassed my expectations and I'm proud to say I own one.
What things have gone wrong with the car:A.c.,window crank,transmission,blown engine
Previous car:none

Photo Honda Civic


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