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LAND Rover Reviews


DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Jun 13, 2013Discovery II td5 (manuel) from Turkey2001 LAND Rover Discovery
Mesut Turkey
Sep 6, 2012solving problem2001 LAND Rover Freelander; V6 2.5. AutoBardwell
May 19, 2012director general of th millennium resort2009 LAND Rover Defender; in 2009 land rover defender single door
1 comment
Emmanuel Kayihura- Kigali Rwanda
May 19, 2012director general of millenium resort.1986 LAND Rover Defender; the new oneEmmanuel Kayihura- Kigali Rwanda
Jan 25, 2007Land Rover Discovery SE72004 LAND Rover Discovery; SE7Al, CA
Apr 6, 2006Land Rover Discovery II1996 LAND Rover Discovery; Discovery SEOmar Phoenix AZ
Mar 27, 2006DISCOVERY SD1996 LAND Rover Discovery; DISCOVERYminerva de lauren
Dec 30, 2005disco se2001 LAND Rover Discovery; sematt colorado
Dec 16, 2005Land Rover Disco II2000 LAND Rover DiscoveryRissa in Michigan
Oct 17, 2005Land Rover Discovery2004 LAND Rover Discovery; Land Rover DiscoveryPeter NYC

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