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Nissan March Reviews

DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Sep 30, 2017Nissan march2003 Nissan MarchMorgan Mseteka
Jul 15, 2014Door panel removal2005 Nissan MarchBUZZ KING
Feb 15, 2014Not firing one cylinder2002 Nissan Marchashton MARONERA
Dec 19, 2013engine problem1996 Nissan Marchkabele justin, lusaka, zambia
Nov 7, 2013radiator level get low ,very morning fill coolant 1/2 L2004 Nissan March; chassis;AKJ.2-205J.59/MODEL;FDKARCAKJ.2EDACMax. paramaribo.SURINAME.S.A.
Oct 28, 2013Phillip2001 Nissan MarchLusaka
Aug 19, 2013I need a buyer2002 Nissan March; Nissan March, GreenAngel Taka, Lubowa
Aug 22, 2011battary gone down2008 Nissan Marchsenthuran batticaloa
May 4, 2010Problems of Spare parts2002 Nissan March
Chaudhary Aamir Office #34, Rehman Center, Rehman Street #4, Brandreth Road,
Feb 14, 2010High fuel consumption1999 Nissan March; no
Ravind Mauritius
Aug 16, 2007spare part1990 Nissan March; K-10YACP MA10SRUDY.S - INDONESIA

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