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Nissan Sunny Reviews

DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
May 7, 2017loosing power1994 Nissan Sunnyblessing in mash central Zimbabwe
Dec 25, 2016I want new original heater plugs1999 Nissan Sunny; Nissan Sunny Exsaloon3757 lot 4 highlands Zvishavane Zimbabwe
Oct 26, 2016Following up on my query2005 Nissan Sunny; Nissan Sunny super Saloon B15 QG15Edward Raga
Oct 25, 2016Engine powerless problem2005 Nissan Sunny; B15 QG15(DE) 1491Edward Raga, Papua New Guinea
Jul 9, 2014my car when giving accilrator not engine rpm increases even in neutral gear2011 Nissan Sunny; nilyanbu ksa
Jul 7, 2014sunny b141997 Nissan Sunny; automuthura\ Nairobi
Mar 30, 20142005 1.6sg NISSAN- VIBERATING PROBLEM2005 Nissan SunnyHASEEB- DUBAI
Mar 29, 2014transmission occasionally stuck in first gear.2003 Nissan SunnySegree D
Mar 22, 2014slow moving2002 Nissan Sunnymtw-bahrain
Mar 10, 2014gearbox shaft2001 Nissan Sunny; QG16 292436To;oro Oa Papua New Guinea
Feb 26, 2014At check & showing picture of camera etc.2008 Nissan Sunny; sunnyPhilip Abudhabi
Jan 28, 2014Not engaging gears1996 Nissan Sunny; Sunny hb12Simba simboti
Jan 21, 2014starting time2006 Nissan Sunnywaqar ahmed
Jan 5, 2014gear1998 Nissan Sunny; nomahmoud
Sep 3, 2013Fuel cut while driving and showing engine light2001 Nissan Sunny
Mapharing, Lobatse, Botswana
Aug 25, 2013ECU 23710-6M8052001 Nissan Sunny; any alternate model ecum. mubeen
Aug 4, 2013my car as ploblem2001 Nissan Sunny; nonname kove: png
Jul 24, 2013won,t rev over 2000rpm1994 Nissan Sunnyjames ritchmond
May 12, 2013Overheating2003 Nissan SunnyS ngwaru zimbabwe
Apr 4, 2013engine problem2002 Nissan Sunnywasonga kenya nairobi
Mar 14, 2013poor combustion2004 Nissan SunnyTony Yet from PNG
Mar 14, 2013looking for nissan sunny hb12 BODY to buy1994 Nissan Sunnyharare
Oct 27, 2012Engine noise2000 Nissan SunnyJohn Odhiambo, Nairobi
Oct 14, 2012limited spares for this car1992 Nissan Sunny; nissan sunny super saloon fb 13Benson Kabondo Chinhoyi Zimbabwe
Jul 2, 2012BLACK SMOKE2012 Nissan Sunny
1 comment
Mar 9, 2012Nissan E15 engine stalls after 1 minute1989 Nissan Sunny; Nissan S CargoDuncan Lowe - Scotland - United Kingdom
Jan 17, 2012Acelarator problem wen raving it more like stavin fuel1994 Nissan Sunny; Nissan sunny hb12 fuel injectionTafie
Dec 6, 2011Engine Cuts off after some time when aircon is swticthed on1998 Nissan Sunny
1 comment
TREX from Port Moresby
Nov 15, 2011nissan sunny1996 Nissan Sunny; manualnabeel sharif shaikh abudhabi uae at hamdan street ziyani area
Oct 7, 2011best car in my life1987 Nissan Sunny; nokamil amin from pakistan
Sep 12, 2011carborator1997 Nissan Sunny; nokalyan Malla
Feb 28, 2011Dashboard shows indicator of engine problem1903 Nissan Sunny; Nissan Sunny 1.6 gasolinne
Joseph Doto Hungwe
Dec 17, 2010uneven1994 Nissan Sunny; standardghazali,kajang.selangor.
Apr 9, 2010sensor problem2002 Nissan Sunny; noneRPlaza
Feb 7, 2010seats in front and back1998 Nissan Sunny
1 comment
Nov 12, 2009RADIO2000 Nissan Sunny; FREQUENCE
Jan 14, 2008great car can beat toyota corolla1986 Nissan Sunny; 1986
Ali , Pakistan

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