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Toyota Estima Reviews

DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Dec 21, 2013using a lot fuel1991 Toyota Estimamark powell
Dec 9, 2013Toyota Estima ACR30 leaking sunroof2001 Toyota EstimaZul, Kuala Lumpur
Dec 5, 2013Gear Box2001 Toyota Estima; nonTawana Zaranyika
Aug 18, 2013Noise when reversing2006 Toyota EstimaPoh @ Penang, Malaysia
Aug 18, 2013sound on rear/power door2006 Toyota EstimaPoh @ Penang, Malaysia
Mar 12, 2013request for spares2005 Toyota Estima; nopraveen - india
Feb 24, 2013AFS OFF light is flashing all the times2007 Toyota Estima
1 comment
nadzir, bangi
Nov 15, 2012Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF)1997 Toyota Estima
Simon Nairobi Kenya
Aug 27, 2012ACR 30 - Power Drop2003 Toyota EstimaElly - Kuala Lumpur
Aug 15, 2010Unable to shift 4th gear2001 Toyota Estima; ACRW40Selangor Malaysia

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