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67 Troubleshooting
Gaz 67b
1959, some modifications, windshield, tank,
Brake system, dashboard, in poor condition

Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds:Manual
Price (out of date):$3267

1945 GAZ 67 specs, Transmission Gearbox Manual

The GAZ-67 and the subsequent GAZ-67B were general purpose four wheel drive Soviet military vehicles built by GAZ starting in 1943.

The GAZ-67 was a further development of the earlier GAZ-64. It was powered by a GAZ M1 4-cylinder 3280 cc gasoline motor with 50hp (37kW) that could propel it to a top speed of 90km/ h (56mph). Production started on the 23rd of September 1943. About a year later, it was replaced by the GAZ-67B, which had a wider track, enlarged fuel tank, and a more powerful motor (54hp (40kW)), among other improvements.

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