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This Honda Today was a kei car produced by the Japanese automaker Honda beginning in 1985. Its production ended in 1998.


The first generation Today was introduced in September 1985 as a three-door hatchback, on a wheelbase of 2330mm (91.7in). The Today was initially launched with three different model specifications, with the entry model being model 'F', followed by a model 'M' and the top of the range 'G'. It was powered by a 2-cylinder (water-cooled) OHC 545cc engine, which was the same as used in the Acty truck. In a market where three-cylinder engines were the norm, it was outdated and was replaced by a three-cylinder four-valve 547cc by February 1988. The rear axle was a torsion beam with coil springs. Together with the new regulations in March, 1990 the bumpers were enlarged to give the car a length of 3295mm (129.7in), and the engine was enlarged to 656 cc. By April, 1990 came a permanent four-wheel drive version with an independent rear axle.

In January 1993, a redesigned Honda Today was announced. The car did not have a hatchback; in its place was a trunk lid that opened downwards like the 1991 Civic three-door (the Today's rear window does not open). The interior is not symmetrical: the driver's seat is slightly larger than the front passenger seat. These features were decided on after research indicated that the car's target audience were mostly single young women who often drove alone, with little need for cargo space. Initially only available as a two-door, in May 1993 a four-door version was added, named the Today Associe.

The 1993 Today was available with two engines, a standard 657cc three-cylinder fuel injection engine, and a high output version of the same engine with MTREC technology, borrowed from the Honda Beat. Both engines were available with either a five-speed manual or a three-speed automatic gearbox. All wheel drive (using realtime 4WD technology) was available.

For the Today's early-1996 facelift, Honda eliminated the pickup-style rear door, and replaced it with a proper hatchback door. This necessitated some redesign in the rear end, because the rear window had originally wrapped around to the sides.


In light of the Suzuki Wagon R's success, Honda also devised a minivan-esque kei car called the Honda Life. The first Honda Life launched in 1997. When the kei car regulations changed in October 1998, necessitating a redesign, the Life received a redesign, while the Today was axed for good.

  • This car is what the player drives in the arcade/ NES video game City Connection.
  • In the video game Gran Turismo 4, the Honda Today G (First generation) is available as an used car in the Historic Showroom, usually at a very low price.
  • The Today is also remembered as Officer Miyuki Kobayakawa's famous tuned minipato (mini patrol car) from the manga and anime series You're Under Arrest. It was bored to over 700 cc, and was tuned to rally specifications with the power increased to more than 100hp (75kW). In "Big Duel for Lucky Yoriko", it even managed to outrun Chie's Porsche 911. In another episode it also was able to catch up to and apprehend a supercharged Mercedes Benz convertible.

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