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The Hyundai Tiburon (also known as Hyundai Coupe) is a compact coupe produced by Hyundai since 1996. The name itself means "Shark" in Spanish. Tiburon is the name given to the current North American, Australian, New Zealand, South African, and Austrian production of the vehicle, though it is called the Hyundai Coupe in other world markets. It has also been known by the moniker Turbulence and Tuscani in the South Korean market.

The model has been released in two generations (RD and GK) over its lifespan and in that time these generations have been subject to periodic facelifts. These facelifts have attempted to keep the car up to date with various safety improvements and a mixture of changes to exterior and interior styling. The RD Tiburon was in production for 5years from 1996 to 2001. The GK Tiburon has been produced since 2002 and is still in production in its latest guise.

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Hyundai officially announced that the 2008 model year will be the last for the Tiburon. While no replacement has been announced, Hyundai has officially stated that the 2010 Genesis Coupe is not a Tiburon replacement.

RD (1996-2001)

Tiburon first began production in late 1996. It was available in a few foreign markets with engine choices of either 1.6L or 1.8L. In the United States, the Tiburon was first offered in 1997 with base models using the Elantra's 1.8L 130hp (97kW) engine while the upscale FX received a 2.0L four-cylinder engine. The 2.0L was rated at 140hp (104kW) at the crankshaft (the car's manual specifies 102kW (137hp) at the flywheel). Base weight was around 2,550lb (1,150kg), giving the RD Tiburon a higher power to weight ratio than the newer GK 2.0L. The 2.0L produces a 0-60mph time of ~7.9seconds, with a 1/ 4mile time of ~16seconds. In 1998 the Tiburon lost its weaker 1.8L engine, giving both models the 2.0L. All versions of the Tiburon manufactured from 1996-2001 are known as "RD" Tiburons. There were various options, with or without ABS, 2 airbags, leather, and sunroof.

RD2 (2000-2001)

The RD2 Tiburon is an update on the original RD platform and was released for sale in 2000. The RD2 received a facelift that altered the front and rear bumpers and also provided a refreshed interior dash. In South Korea, the RD2 Tiburon was marketed as the "Tiburon Turbulence".

The RD2 headlights have separate enclosures for the high and low beams giving the four headlight look, similar to the third generation Acura Integra and the sixth generation Toyota Celica. The rear bumper is also reformed receiving larger tailights. The same 140hp (104kW) 2.0L engine was carried over producing identical performance. ABS and sunroof were available in a package.


  • 1.6L inline-4 cylinder Alpha

115hp (86kW) @ 5800rpm and 143N•m (106ft•lbf) torque @ 4,500rpm.

  • 1.8L inline 4 cylinder Beta (1997 Base)

130hp (97kW) @ 6000rpm and 171N•m (126ft•lbf) torque @ 4200rpm.

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