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The Mitsubishi L300 is a rear-wheel drive minivan manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors since the 1980s. Production of the L300 began in the early 1970s, then called the Mitsubishi Delica, but the company eventually changed the van to the L300, while the Delica name went to the people mover vehicle which had its own design.

The 1984 L300 was powered by a petrol or diesel engine, the petrol one being the 4G32.

The Australian release of the L300 (also known as the Mitsubishi Express) in 1980 was powered by the 4G32, with the 4G62 becoming available in the 1984 model.

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The L300 came in a 2WD FR layout and 4WD version. The 4WD version was a first generation Mitsubishi Pajero chassis with a van body.

Since 1986 the L300 has gone though just one generation, keeping the same design with updates on part of the interior and frontal exterior only, as well as a few new features.

The van is available in diesel and petrol, but diesel has been far more popular. The same engines have remained since 1986, but with a few new variations with the petrol engines.

Diesel engines are available in 2.0L and the bigger sized engine, 58kW (78hp) 2.5L (codenamed the 4D56), which was also available in the turbo engine producing 68kW (codenamed the 4D56T).

The L300 is available in the Philippines in truck, PET (people, equipment transport), AUV and passenger van configurations. All are fitted with the 4D56 normally aspirated engine and 5 speed manual transmission. The AUV variant is available with or without air conditioning, optional floor mats, vinyl seats and new interior body paneling and white exterior color only. In Canada, the L300 Delica 4WD is very popular with rural off-roaders and skiing enthusiasts.

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