2004 audi a6
2004 audi a6
2004 audi a6
2004 audi a6
2004 audi a6
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2004 AUDI A6 air conditioning problems

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Date:February 3, 2011, 4:07 am
Location:Australia, South Australia, Adelaide
Vehicle:AUDI A6
Problems:when on cooling, after about 5 minutes the air becomes super heated. The super heated air can come from either of the side vents (seems to be at random which one) or from either of the middle vents. Rarely is the super heated air coming from the side and middle vents at the same time. At times when the heated air is coming from either of the middle vents (note that one middle vent may be hot and the other cool)the vent that the hot air is comming from can also have half being hot and half being cold from the same vent.
I have had no luck with the problem being diagnosed by the fault computers used because they do not show a fault when connected to the car. I have tried having the car computer reset, but this has not helped. The issue remains.
If I turn the air conditioner off (ie: put to economy mode)before the hot air begins to come from any of the vents (usually after about 5 minutes of operation)and then wait 5 minutes and reactivate the airconditioner, it works fine. However I have to repeat these actions if I am to continue to get cooling air,otherwise the air becomes hot again after a further 5 minutes.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
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May 20, 2011, 10:04 am  from: Mark
You need to get VAG com and go into module 8 then select Basic settings (4). Set basic settings to "on" This cylces the motorflaps through their settings. Save & Close. The fault is caused by the flaps sticking. Running this will flag up a fault if its a mechanical problem otherwise this software fix will suffice. Good Luck.

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