2010 chery tiggo
2010 chery tiggo
2010 chery tiggo
2010 chery tiggo
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2010 Chery Tiggo faulty car computer problems

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Date:February 5, 2017, 4:55 pm
Location:Colombia, DC, Bogota
Vehicle:Chery Tiggo
General comments:Chery is a product the dealers do not stand behind product specially in Colombia South America. CINASCAR OF COLOMBIA is the worst and in the service departments they take part from one to replace on others practice very common and cause of major complaints to the Consumers Offices for retribution. The BAD REPUTATION COLOMBIAN DEALERS OWNED BY CINASCAR ARE SO POORLY RATED THAT PEOPLE STEERS AWAY FROM THEM AND BEGAN TO BUY ANOTHER MORE RELIABLE VEHICLES.
Problems:The 2010 model is has developed many problems from engine issues to replacing many electronic parts. The latest is that the main computer of the car is affecting performance like slow response when pressing the accelerator, air bags light on, and other por performance like when driving the car stalls. I have been trying to get a new or used computer for the Chery tiggo SUV 2.0 cyl, 4X2, but it seems it is a hurdle finding one. If someone knows about one please provide details and price to [email protected]
Previous car:vw
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