2001 audi a4
2001 audi a4
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2001 AUDI A4 Review / Audi A4

Date:July 11, 2006, 2:52 am
Name, Location:Allan Orangeville,CAN
Vehicle:AUDI A4
Modification:A4 1.8 T Q
General comments:I just bought it and it has on 35000 klms on it, very rare for a 5 year old Audi. All the garages wanted $22000 plus for one with this type of mileage, some were even $26000. Snag it second hand for 16 grand, the guy needed the money bad. Handles and motors like a sweet dream, just love it. Going to get myself in trouble soon, ha ha. Oh also bought it in the rain, never buy a car in the rain, or at night, he had tons of offers, it was then or never. Hard to see any scratches or dings, one little one, gettin it fixed this week. Also thought the interior was all black, the doors and a few other pieces are blue, oh well, good motoring.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Air bag light came on, wouldn'nt go off. Dealer reset it cost over a 100 bucks. Happend again dealer reset it again, no charge, but said the air bag in questions needs repairing. 4 hours labour plus parts aroung $500 he estimated, hope it doesnt come back on again, lol! Fog light burnt out, 50 bucks they wanted, 20 for the light 30 for labour. Put it im myself in 5 minutes saved 30 bucks.
Previous car:Jeep,MR2,RX7

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