1998 audi a8
1998 audi a8
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1998 AUDI A8 Review / A8 Review

Date:October 17, 2005, 11:17 am
Name, Location:jdunbar
Vehicle:AUDI A8
Modification:Audi A8 Quattro
General comments:Bought my A8 used with 40K miles. I had the car for 5 days when it was hit by a Jeep Cherokee. The damage was minor but it took 5 months for the repair shop to complete the repairs. Only certified shops cana repair the aluminum body. The car sat for 10 weeks before repairs were begun. Finally, the car was towed to the local Audi dealership to have the transmission oil changed. It sat for 3 weeks before they changed the oil. I had asked that the electrical and power switches be checked while the car was at Audi. They did not check the systems, so when the car was returned to me, the power mirrors and the passenger power window were not working. It has been 5 weeks since they ordered the part. I have call the dealership 3 times and no one has returned by call. Do not buy this car if you don't have patience dealing with dealers who don't care about your time or if you don't have a second car. I will not buy another Audi because it's the worse experience I have had with a dealer.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Electric mirrors not working, front passegner window not working. Fortunately the window is closed while I continue into my 6th week wait for the parts. Had to pay to have the glove compartment lock fixed. The steering wheel does not heat up. I am anxiety about the reliability and repair costs after after reading the other reviews. I should have bought a Lexus but the car is the best car I have even driven. It's the service, repairs, and reliability that are inexcusable. though the A8 is a superior car.
Previous car:Lexus GS 300

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