2012 opel astra
2012 opel astra
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Rattling noise and wining noise in Opel Astra Essentia 2012

Date:September 13, 2018, 10:19 pm
Name, Location:Jarod, Durban, KZN
Vehicle:OPEL Astra
General comments:I have a wining noise that goes for a while when you ride the clutch for a bit to get up a steep driveway etc, and it stays there for about 15 minutes, even when I'm at a stand still and Rev it sounds like there's a super Charger, then I had a rattling noise and sent it in and they changed the tensioner, so the noise dissipeared after that, then the noise re appeared after the second day at the low Rev range when taking off, there is also another rattling noise that's loud and sounds like two pipes are banging together as your taking off like the one the tensioner is making but more high pitched
Previous car:Jeep Grand Cherokee

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