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Asia Motors Co. Ltd., founded in 1965, was a South Korean motor vehicle manufacturer of large and medium duty trucks, special military vehicles, lightweight cars, civilian jeeps (a small jeep look-alike called the Rocsta and later the Retona), motor vehicle components, to include engines, and buses and mini-buses. Kia owned 28.28% of issued stock. It was completely merged with Kia (itself by then owned by Hyundai) in 1999 and Asia Motors currently has no automobile production. The Australian Asia Motors distributors, now an independent company called Asia Motors Australia, continues to use the Asia Motors name but now sources its products elsewhere.


ASIA RocstaASIA RocstaASIA RocstaASIA CosmosASIA HI TopicASIA CosmosASIA HI Topic

ASIA models

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1992 asia asiaASIA

1968 asia cosmosCOSMOS

1997 asia hi topicHI TOPIC

1998 asia retonaRETONA

1991 asia rocstaROCSTA

The Rocsta's replacement, the Retona, was sold under the Kia badge.

  • Car / Jeep / SUV
    • Fiat 124
    • Rocsta
    • Retona
    • Towner
  • Small / medium-sized buses
    • AM825 (Combi)
    • AM818 (Cosmos)
  • Large bus
    • AM927 / AM937 / AM928 (city buses), AM929, AM939, AM949 (Gran Bird)
  • Truck
    • Granto (AM) truck.

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