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2000 FIAT Punto For Sale

For the latest car under the Punto brand, see Fiat Grande Punto.

The Fiat Punto is a supermini produced by the Italian manufacturer, Fiat, since 1993. It is currently in its third generation.

Internally codenamed Project 176, the Punto was announced in September 1993 and launched in early 1994 as a replacement for the aging Fiat Uno. The Fiat Punto was voted European Car of the Year for 1995. The Punto's distinctive clean-cut styling by Giorgetto Giugiaro was an instant hit (though one of the car's most recognisable features, the vertical tail/rear lights, were not part of Giugiaro's original design and were in fact added later in-house at Fiat's factory[citation needed]). Competitive pricing which undercut rivals such as the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo also helped the Punto become an instant success in the European marketplace.

Used FIAT Punto


2000 FIAT Punto For Sale

2000 FIAT Punto

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Punto Troubleshooting
Where is the engine oil reservoir cap located
2000, Cannot locate reservoir cap for engine oil...

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Entry level

Entry-level in the Punto range were the 1.1 and 1.2L petrol engines and the 1.7 diesel engine. The 1.2 engine's actual capacity is 1.242 liters, available in 3 versions. The first, was fitted in the Punto ELX 75 and produced 75 hp at 6000 rpm while the second, fitted to Punto ELX 85 produced 86 hp at 6000 rpm. The third was a 60hp engine which eventually replaced the 1.1 54hp engine.

Sporting versions

A 1.6 Sporting was also available producing 88 bhp (replaced in 1997 by the more economic 16 valve 1.2 unit), but the best performing version was the 136PS (134hp/100kW) 1.4 GT using an evolution of the turbocharged 128 SOHC engine originally found in the Fiat Uno Turbo Mk II- capable of running over 200km/h (124mph) and reaching 100km/h (62mph) in just 7.9 seconds. This car was also fitted with a 5-speed manual gearbox, with different gear ratios than the ELX series. During the years the GT was made in three different "series" with power 136PS (134hp/100kW) (1993-1995),133PS (131hp/98kW) (1995-1997) and 130PS (128hp/96kW) (1997-1999).

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Used 2000 FIAT Punto For Sale